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A Cast List Like I Promised

Will- My love and Sir

Trevor- My ex-boyfriend

Sam- Trevor's brother

Harvy- Trevor's other brother

Lynn- Trevor's Mother

Jarod- Trevor's Father

Daddy- My mom (J/K)

Mommy- My dad (ditto)

Jake- My mother's boyfriend

Stardust- My baby sister

Quasar- My baby brother

Anni- My little sister

Derek- My little brother

Stacy- My older sister

Patrick- Her husband, My bro-in-law

Kenny- My nephew

Jenny- My best friend

Brian- Jenny's Husband

John- A friend of Brian's

Bruce- Another friend

Abby- My (now ex) boss

Frank- My (now ex)assistant boss

Andrew- "The Guy At Work" who became assistant boss but is now an ex

Dr Mark- That guy I went to talk to

More to come?

If I changed anyone who I had already named I'm sorry. It was hard to keep track, but when ever I have to refer to anyone, I'll check back at this list, so these names go. This is the final say.

Cast List - Always


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