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Hurts so good

There are times when your body aches so much, that every movement is a new painful experence. I always enjoy discovering new and inovative ways to make it hurt thoes times. A tensing of muscels here, streightening of a limb there. It's not a bad pain, it's like discovering your body all over again. It's wonderful.
Except that I have shin splints.
The stairs at my apt are a daunting experence. Pain shoots up my leg every step.
I'm upset because of the pain and determination I went through, they left the timers up so I thought it would be counted, but on the offical record, I'm listed DNF. I guess, seeing that they gave me the medel and I know I finshed, it should be good enough, but still I'm irked.

10:12 p.m. - 09-23-02


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